WordPress on AWS EC2 – part 8

Series summary

In this series my goal was to give you information sufficient to launch your own WordPress on AWS EC2 platform. I wanted to keep balance between detailed descriptions of what and why I do something, and length of the posts. Do i made it? I hope that you give me some feedback in comments below. I’ll do my best to take your opinion into account when I’ll be writing next posts.

What we have done?

  • We lunched new EC2 instance
  • We done some basic configuration of our system
  • We talked a bit about security
  • We installed Apache, PHP-FPM and MySQL
  • We talked a bit about WP-CLI, createed new MySQL database and installed WordPress
  • We investigated what and why not working correctly and we solve those issues

In fact it’s quite a lot! 🙂
However I must say, that this series omitted some things. We doesn’t talk about further optimization, backup strategies or versioning. There is also so much more to say in subject of security. If you want to use this system in production environment you should do some more work but this is out of scope of this series so i won’t dive into this topic. Below i present list of terms you can search for. As I wrote in introduction: if you know how to do something better or just have another opinion about something, please leave your comment. I’m constantly learning and improving my skill set so I’ll be happy to look on something from different point of view than mine.

Happy blogging! 🙂

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